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Hairy Pits All about the underarm hair

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amo mi peluda
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Default My wife's hairy armpits

My wife has a very nice growth in her armpits. She tried letting them grow in the summer , but we live in FL and she loves to wear tanktops and it made her too self-conscious. So we made a deal three years ago that she would only shave May - October, and let 'em grow November - April when she wears sleeves anyway.

She started early this year ( mid-Sept) so she is already sporting three month's growth. The hair is already quite long , maybe 1.5 inches or so, and remembering from past years, it doesn't get a whole lot longer, even in six months. Her hair doesn't cover a large area and doesn't show when her arms are down, but what she has is nice and thick and dense and a dark brown.Besides the look, I really love the feel of her armpit hair (her pussy hair, too!). I love to caress it when we make love. We use oil on each other and I like to rub a little into her armpits and then spread it over onto her breasts. The oil accentuates the armpit hair. She usually gets on top of me for intercourse and I like to put my hands under her armpits and move her up and down while enjoying the feel of the hair. Sometimes I also take her hands or wrists and move her up and down that way. Lately I've been raising her arms and leaning her forward over my head and the view of her oiled armpits is spectacular. This position is uncomfortable for her with her arms stretched too much, so we're experimenting with what wiil afford me a good view and still be easy on her. When she orgasms in these positions, the look and feel is fantastic!
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Dude, you got me horny dreaming of your wife's hairy pits. Got any pics for us?
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Nice post, amo. Thanks for sharing more real life stories. Your wife oiling up her underarms to enhance your erotic encounters is really sexy and beautiful.
Yesterday, I had a chance to be with Xiao Fang for a little while (beautiful Chinese friend). At one point (after we had undressed) she sat back in a chair with her arms raised over her head. She tilted her head to one side and stuck her tongue out. I knelt in front of her, leaned forward and began by licking very methodically from the bottom of her hairy underarm to the top, continuing the arc up to her tongue to kiss her there. It was so intoxicating, so erotic as we repeated this several more times. I licked and sucked her beautiful brown nipple, and quickly it was long and erect. Nipple, underarm, tongue... nipple, underarm, tongue. Ah, this was some really good foreplay!
Hairy women are the universe.
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